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Growing Number Of Veterans Rack Up Student Debt Despite G.I. Bill


25 November 2015

Twenty-six percent of undergraduates receiving veteran education benefits—meant to financially cover four years of tuition at a public university, with some programs covering private school tuition as well—have nevertheless been made to take out student loans to finance their education and living expenses, according to a Los Angeles Times analysis of Department of Education data.

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Student Loan Debt Is a National Problem That Needs a Solution

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24 November 2015

This graduating class of undergraduates owes close to $70 billion in student debt, averaging out to around $35,000 a person, making the class of 2015 the most indebted class ever.

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Capped Out: Low Spending Limits, Pell Grants, and the Future of Labor and Health and Human Services Appropriations


24 November 2015

If Congress does not take action in the coming years, continued unnecessary austerity will force billions of dollars in cuts to either Pell Grants or other programs in the departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education.

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At 50, Higher Education Act Remains the Cornerstone of College Affordability

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12 November 2015

Higher education was then—and still is—the most reliable ticket to the American Dream. Get a college degree, and get a good job. It’s a syllogism that holds true today, despite rising tuition and student debt.


Average Student Debt at Graduation Increased 56% Over the Last Decade


12 November 2015

The Institute for College Access & Success have recently released a report on student debt over the course of the last decade.

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