National Student Debt Total: $0

Buried Under Student Loan Debt? Help Is on the Way.


17 April 2015

America’s $1.2 trillion in outstanding college loans has surpassed the country’s $700 billion credit-card bill. That huge liability is a drag on the entire U.S. economy. It’s hardly a coincidence that the number of first-time homebuyers is at a generational low, while student-loan balances are at an all-time high.

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Student Debt Held by Millennials and the Fed at Record High


17 April 2015

At least $876.1 billion of outstanding student debt is currently held by the federal government. This striking statistic, which leapt from $150 billion to nearly $900 billion in only five years, is the largest amount of outstanding loans the Fed has ever recorded.


The Dept. of Ed Got It Right—Now It’s Time to Act for Students


16 April 2015

We hope the Department’s latest action against Heald is a sign that it is ready to act for students.

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Transparent Oversight of Troubled Colleges Can Help Students Make Informed Choices


16 April 2015

This distinction—called heightened cash monitoring—exists to ensure that federal student aid funds have proper oversight. Making this information public will increase “transparency and accountability” across America’s higher-education system.

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The Congressional Budgets Are Not A Good Deal For Young People


10 April 2015

Kicking off what will likely be months of contentious budget battles, the House budget calls for extensive cuts in spending for higher education benefits. The budget claims that the expansion of the Pell grant under President Obama has been unsustainable and maintains that too many people with high incomes are eligible for the grant.


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