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Student Debt 101: You Asked, We Answered


26 May 2016

You’re not alone! Even though the process may seem confusing, it doesn’t have to be scary.

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Two States Open University Gates to Locked-Out Undocumented Students


17 May 2016

Undocumented students who are unable to access in-state tuition and scholarships in their home states now have another option

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How Hedge Funds Loot College Endowments


13 May 2016

If hedge fund fees were comparable in 2012, that means that higher education financing costs actually topped $50 billion or nearly 10 percent of all higher education spending.

Blog, Wall Street's Role in Education

NC’s For-Profit Colleges Burden Rather than Boost Students, Says CRL report


13 May 2016

North Carolina’s for-profit post-secondary institutions are more expensive and borrowers are less likely to be able to repay their loans when they leave.


Why Student Debt Isn’t Just A Student Issue


12 May 2016

A Pew Research Center study shows that Millennials who incur debt after graduation have an average net worth of seven times less than that of their non-indebted counterparts.

Blog, Existing Student Debt

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