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Chopra: Without Reform, ITT Tech Will Continue to Harm Students and Shareholders


24 June 2015

Rohit Chopra, former regulator at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and now Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, shared that he will meeting with major investors of ITT to enlist their help to end ITT Tech’s culture of deception. In advance of these meetings, he shared a letter outlining some of these concerns.

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Elite Colleges Have Public Funds for Low-Income Students, So Why Aren’t They Enrolling More of Them?


23 June 2015

While these hefty endowments mean the ability to offer need-based scholarships to low-income students, wealthy colleges and universities enroll low-income students at far lower rates than colleges with smaller endowments.

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Legal Clinics Could Be the Answer for For-Profit Victims

Day 48/365

18 June 2015

Legal services for student borrowers are needed now more than ever to assist students who were misled by for-profit colleges.

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The Graduation Gap Is Even Larger Than the Enrollment Gap for Low-Income Students


17 June 2015

It’s probably not terribly surprising to most that low-income and high-income students are not enrolling in colleges at the same rates. However, new research indicates an even more striking divide: there’s an even bigger gap in graduation rates between socioeconomic groups than the gap in enrollment.

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Check if You’re Eligible for a Corinthian Refund


11 June 2015

This week, the Department of Education released new information about how Corinthian students like you can apply to receive a refund if you believe you were deceived by the school when you enrolled.

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