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Who Said It: A Closer Look at Trump U and Other For-Profit Institutions


17 June 2016

You’ve probably heard a lot recently in the news about Donald Trump’s for-profit school, Trump University. Like many for-profit colleges, the school pressured students into maxing out credit cards and savings for subpar courses, misled students, and charged insane fees. But the crazy thing is programs like Trump U are a lot more common than you probably realize—for-profit colleges exist all over the U.S. and take advantage of students on a daily basis. Guess who some of the bad guys are!

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Trump University Charged $35,000 for Three-Day Unaccredited Program


15 June 2016

Like many for-profit colleges, Trump University routinely used predatory tactics to will thousands of dollars away from individuals seeking a better life. In exchange, students were left up to $35,000 in debt for a meaningless program from an unaccredited school.

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What We and Our Partners Think of the Department of Education’s New “Borrower Defense” Rule


13 June 2016

The U.S. Department of Education today issued its proposed “defense to repayment” or “borrower defense” rule. The proposed rule shows DOE intends to: Ban the arbitration clauses… Read more

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The Gender Wage Gap Is Forcing Women to Bear the Brunt of Student Loan Debt


13 June 2016

It’s clear that student debt disproportionately affects women. Women are just as educated as men and just as indebted, but struggle to pay back that debt due to a systemic gender pay gap that puts them one step behind before they even begin their careers. And this problem goes deeper than just student loans.

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Tell Congress: Don’t Raid Funding for College Students


2 June 2016

Tell Congress that Pell Grants are the most important federal investment in higher education, and urge them not to redirect Pell money to other programs.

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