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Setting the Record Straight on Pell


30 August 2015

Since Hechinger Report released its analysis on the graduation rates of Pell Grant recipients, some people have called the effectiveness of the Pell Grant program into question. Lost in those arguments, though, are three crucial points about the program.


Servicemembers at Failing For-Profit Schools Not Protected by Veterans Affairs


28 August 2015

Although the VA has released an online tool listing overall graduation rates and loan default rates for some for-profit colleges in an attempt to ensure students know what they’re getting into, lawmakers and advocates say it’s too little, too late for some students, specifically those who attended Corinthian College’s WyoTech, Heald College and Everest University campuses.

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Proposed Student Loan Repayment Plan Would Extend the Same Income-Based Terms to All Federal Loan Borrowers


28 August 2015

REPAYE would improve on previous income-driven repayment plans by targeting benefits toward low-income borrowers while also keeping costs reasonable.

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How to Avoid Student Debt Relief Scams


26 August 2015

If you’ve seen or heard ads around federal student loans that seem to good to be true, they probably are.

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Beyond Borders: My Name Is Valentina Emilia Garcia Gonzalez


20 August 2015

“Going to college was always my dream. I always envisioned myself going to and from classes, talking in study groups, taking notes in lectures, and dorming with other college students as we lived it up, college-style. Then I found out I couldn’t go to college. “


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