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Something Strange With Your Student Loans? Who Can You Call? The Department of Education


14 July 2016

Something fishy about your student loans or college? There’s now a really easy way to complain to the people who can fix it.

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SURVEY: Been Scammed by a Student Debt Scheme?


11 July 2016

Why are companies charging thousands of dollars for student loan help you can get for free? Encourage the Department of Education to continue cracking down on fake “student debt relief companies.” Share your experience to convince political leaders to crack down on student debt scams.

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A Leg Up: How a Privileged Minority Is Graduating Without Debt


8 July 2016

The minority of students fortunate enough to graduate from public colleges without debt are doing so due to some built-in privileges.

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Here’s What Our Partners Think of Huge Pell Grant Slashes


7 July 2016

Today, the House Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education (LHHS) subcommittee marked up the 2017 FY Labor-H Appropriations Bill, highlighted by sweeping cuts to Pell and… Read more

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Students Struggling With Debt Are Tasty Bait for Payday Lending Loan Sharks


6 July 2016

Payday lenders target and exploit individuals who are most strapped for cash and promise a quick and easy solution to all their financial woes. Unfortunately, there is no better pool of financially struggling individuals to make millions off of than college students, their families, and individuals trying to pay off their student debt.


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