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For-Profit Colleges Like Trump U Must Be Held Accountable

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26 July 2016

For all of their promises of high-quality instruction, many for-profit students leave their programs dissatisfied and defrauded. Use our tools to tell your attorney general or governor that predatory for-profit colleges must be held accountable.

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Defrauded Students Deserve Refunds


26 July 2016

Right now, the Department of Education is asking for feedback on what will become the law of the land for defrauded student loan borrowers. Borrowers should be protected and those who’ve been taken advantage of deserve to be made whole for the time and money they’ve lost at deceptive and predatory for-profit colleges.

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Something Strange With Your Student Loans? Who Can You Call? The Department of Education


14 July 2016

Something fishy about your student loans or college? There’s now a really easy way to complain to the people who can fix it.

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SURVEY: Been Scammed by a Student Debt Scheme?


11 July 2016

Why are companies charging thousands of dollars for student loan help you can get for free? Encourage the Department of Education to continue cracking down on fake “student debt relief companies.” Share your experience to convince political leaders to crack down on student debt scams.

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A Leg Up: How a Privileged Minority Is Graduating Without Debt


8 July 2016

The minority of students fortunate enough to graduate from public colleges without debt are doing so due to some built-in privileges.

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