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Did Your College Close?

Department of Education Closed School List

6 October 2016

If your college or career/trade school closed while you were enrolled, or soon after you withdrew, the Department of Education may be able to help.

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Vote Higher: How to Talk About the Student Debt Crisis


5 October 2016

We want elected officials to address the rising costs of college, throw a lifeline to borrowers struggling with debt, and address an economy that continues to leave many young Americans behind. Still, one in three Millennials don’t feel as though candidates are talking enough about the issues that matter to them. To fill that gap, we’re giving you the facts, foundation, and framing on student debt—let’s get to work.

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What We and Our Partners Think of Sen. Warren’s Corinthian Letter


29 September 2016

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) from Massachusetts sent an open letter to Education Secretary John King highlighting The Department of Education’s sinister debt collection priorities over debt relief for past students of the fraudulent Corinthian Colleges.

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A Time to #VoteHigher


14 September 2016

Enough is enough and this election season, we have to let legislators know we mean business. This week organizations and voters all over the country are kicking… Read more

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ITT Tech Is Closing: What Students Need to Know

ITT Building 5

6 September 2016

ITT exploited students and fleeced American taxpayers and its predatory practices have finally caught up to it. We are working with our partners to ask that the Department of Education hold ITT fully accountable for the way it’s mistreated students and get you the justice you deserve.

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