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In Their Own Words: Student Debt Stories from Ohioans

16 August 2018

Student debt is the growing financial crisis that is impacting millions of Americans. We are sharing some stories from Ohioans that illustrate this impact, and stress the urgency of addressing this issue.

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DeVos Makes it Easier for Bad Career Programs to Scam Students: What Our Partners and Allies Think

10 August 2018

In sweeping move, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos proposes erasing an Obama-era rule meant to hold bad schools and career programs accountable for graduating students with high debts and few job opportunities.
Here is what we and our partners had to say.

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What the Navient Lawsuit(s) Means For Your Student Loans

6 August 2018

Two lawsuits against the country’s largest student loan servicer, Navient, could have an impact on your loans.


Department of Education Eviscerates Student Protections, Protects Predatory For-Profit Colleges: What Our Partners and Allies Think

25 July 2018

The Department of Education has announced its proposal to rollback a student loan forgiveness program meant to give relief to those scammed by for-profit colleges. Consumer and students’ rights groups are reacting strongly against the announcement. Here is what we and our partners had to say.

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“Free College:” Here to Stay?

16 July 2018

Providing “free college” programs is growing in popularity as more states seek to implement their own versions. But what can assure skeptics that these programs are as politically sustainable as they are politically popular?
Jen Mishory of The Century Foundation examines the fiscal sustainability of these plans. Looking at six free college programs that existed during the Great Recession, Mishory shows how they retained their financial and political support even as states were cutting other aid programs and education spending.

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