The Department of Education Announces $150 Million in Loan Cancellation for Defrauded Students: What Our Partners and Allies Think

14 December 2018

The Department of Education announced on December 13, 2018 that it will cancel thousands of borrowers’ federal student loans through an Obama-era program meant to give relief for students defrauded by their colleges. Ironically, this forgiveness comes through the very same program DeVos failed to destroy earlier this year.
Here’s what our partners and allies had to say about this latest news.

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Student Loan Borrowers Fall Prey to Widespread Industry Abuses, Nationwide Analysis of Consumer Complaints Finds

13 December 2018

A new report by the Student Borrower Protection Center takes a look at complaints by more than 13,000 student loan borrowers in the 2018, revealing the scope of problems within the student loan industry, and the degree to which people are struggling with the repayment process.

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Advocacy Groups Send Letter to Newly Elected State Leaders Urging Action on Student Debt

20 November 2018

As newly elected state legislators and governors start to draft their legislative priorities, a coalition of higher education, veteran, labor, student, and consumer advocacy groups have teamed up to send them a clear message: student loan borrowers are suffering and need assistance and protections now.


Update: A Winning Streak For Student Borrowers

1 November 2018

The Project on Predatory Student Lending has scored major court victories to sure-up the rights of students who were cheated by for-profit colleges. On four separate occasions in October, judges rebuked Betsy DeVos’ efforts to roll back student protections, struck down illegal policies, and ruled in favor of students. If you were defrauded by a for-profit college, here’s what these rulings mean for you.

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The Lawsuits Challenging DeVos’ Anti-Student Higher Education Agenda

10 October 2018

A coalition of advocacy groups, civil rights organizations, and state attorneys general have pushed back against Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in her attempts to eliminate vital regulations protecting student loan borrowers. Sara Garcia, a policy analyst for the Center for American Progress, identifies and discusses certain cases under review in the areas of federal student loan servicing and borrower protection.

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