What the Navient Lawsuit(s) Means For Your Student Loans

Two lawsuits against the country's largest student loan servicer, Navient, could have an impact on your loans.
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15 February 2017

Two lawsuits against the country’s largest student loan servicer, Navient, could have an impact on your loans.


Progress and Bipartisan Agreement on Helping Keep Student Loan Payments Affordable


15 February 2017

the Department of Education and the Department of Treasury means borrowers are on step closer to having a more streamlined annual process to keep their federal student loan payments affordable.

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CFPB Sues Navient, Formerly Sallie Mae, for Cheating Borrowers


19 January 2017

The CFPB will sue the nation’s largest servicer of both federal and private student loans, Navient, for “systematically and illegally failing borrowers at every stage of repayment.”


How Enrolling in an Income-Driven Repayment Plan Saved My Life

Thanks to a random conversation at work, Paul's monthly student loan payment decreased by 30 percent.
CREDIT: Generation Progress.

18 January 2017

I thought it was my loan servicer’s job to educate me on all the repayment options available to me, but I never would have known that programs like PSLF or Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) existed, let alone that I would qualify for them, unless I had vented to a coworker about how frustrated I was with my high monthly payments.


Our Recusal Letter: Why 5 Senators Shouldn’t Be Able To Vote on DeVos


12 January 2017

We’ve spent the last few weeks digging into Betsy DeVos’s political contributions and found that 21 senators, including 5 on the Senate HELP Committee, took over $200k… Read more


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