Congress Town Halls – Attend a town hall near you!

Congress is going home for Summer Recess and we want YOU to talk with your Congress person about student loan debt.
Click on the map to see if there is a town hall near you.


1. Increase Local Attention. Raise the issue of student debt at the local level and highlight efforts of legislators to either help or harm borrowers through their support or non-support of policies like student loan refinancing.

2. Give Voice to borrowers. Tell the story of struggling student loan borrowers by lifting up their voices.

3. Make the Campaign Heard. Show a concerted effort to raise the issue of the student debt crisis as one that is defining the lives of many Americans.

Some folks are asking these questions –

1.) General Student Debt Crisis
The Federal government is making money on higher education, look at the billions that are being made on student loan interest, why can’t we reinvest that money in students and making education more affordable?

2.) Student Loan Refinancing
If Rep voted yes for student loan refinancing: Thank you so much for your support of student loan refinancing, what are you going to do to ensure that we not only win on student loan refinancing but stop the student debt crisis and make college accessible without the burden of life-long debt and financial hardship.

If Rep voted no on student loan refinancing: If I could refinance my student loans like other people can refinance their mortgages I could…[buy a house, car, save more, etc.], why aren’t you supporting this basic step that can help borrowers like me?


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