Corinthian Colleges to Shut Down All 28 Remaining Campuses

This weekend, Corinthian Colleges announced that it would immediately shut down its remaining campuses, including Everest and WyoTech campuses in California; Everest College-Phoenix and Everest Online-Tempe in Arizona; the Everest Institute in New York; and Heald Colleges in California, Hawaii, and Oregon.

At the Higher Ed, Not Debt campaign, we’ve heard from more than 4,000 Corinthian College students who shared their experiences at Corinthian. Their stories described the systematic lies and misrepresentations Corinthian used to trick students into enrolling into its poor quality programs. Because of Corinthian, thousands of students are stuck deep in debt. It’s high time that Corinthian closes for good, and students receive a full refund on their student loans.

The Department of Education released a blog post describing why Corinthian Colleges closed and how its closure affects current students. The Department promised to “contact Corinthian students about their options,” and will “send staff from our Federal Student Aid team to as many campuses as possible to talk directly with students.” We hope the Department will stay in close contact with students to make sure they have accurate and up-to-date information on their rights and options.

Students that attended a school that closed before they were able to complete the program, may be eligible for a cancellation, or “discharge” of the federal student loans they used to pay for school. Use this Closed School Loan Discharge Packet to see if you are eligible and to apply for loan forgiveness.

California students may be eligible for additional loan forgiveness. Check out the CA Attorney General’s tool to see.

See what we and our partners are saying about Corinthian Colleges’ shutdown:

  • Higher Ed, Not Debt:

“We hope the Department of Education communicates directly with the 16,000 currently enrolled students and explains that they are entitled to receive a full refund,” said Maggie Thompson, campaign manager for Higher Ed, Not Debt. “Students deserve a simple process for an immediate refund so they can have the chance to start over. And to prevent this from happening again, we need stronger oversight of these for-profit schools.”

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