Defrauded Students Deserve Refunds


Email the Department of Education demanding a refund for defrauded borrowers in just a few clicks.

Do you think your college broke some laws? If it did, you should be eligible for a refund on your student loans. Maybe you’ve found out the hard way that your college did not have your best interests at heart. Maybe your school charged you astronomical tuition and fees, but you’ve been told your degree is “worthless.” You wouldn’t be the first one and you should know this is not what a college education is supposed to be like. 

Right now, the Department of Education is asking for feedback on what will become the law of the land for defrauded student loan borrowers. Borrowers should be protected and those who’ve been taken advantage of deserve to be made whole for the time and money they’ve lost at deceptive and predatory for-profit colleges.

Join us in asking the Department of Education to ensure that colleges are working for students like you, not their own CEOs and profit margins. Tell them your story so they know why you deserve a refund.

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