Demand That Congress Act, Before Debt Strikes Back


This week marks three years since America’s collective student debt passed $1 trillion. We have had enough. We know what is needed to stop the student debt crisislet’s restore higher ed funding, pass policies to help borrowers, and stop Wall Street from profiting off our higher education system.

Over the next six months we will ask elected leaders across the country to act on student debt. Let’s get them on the record so in November we know who is with us—and who is not.

This week, all across the country, people like you will make noise in the #DebtStrikesBack week of action. Will you pledge to hold our elected officials accountable?
DSB_Pledge_EmailBut this requires more than just your online dedication. We need you to tell Congress to make a commitment to ensuring debt-free higher education is a reality.


Share how student debt affects you or how #FreeCommunityCollege would help!
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