Demand Full Refunds for Cheated Borrowers Now

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Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her Department of Education, instead of following existing rules to protect defrauded borrowers, are starting from scratch. Today marks the first day of the Department convening another rulemaking committee to come up with a new borrower defense rule and we wanted you to know that we’ll be on stakeout.

On top of that DeVos is considering walking back loan forgiveness for students already defrauded by predatory colleges, including those students forced out of schools that closed before students could finish their degree. She and her Department of Education are exploring ways to justify only partially forgiving the outstanding loans that students were forced to take on to attend misleading and now-defunct schools.

Email Sec. DeVos demanding that all borrowers eligible for a refund receive their full refunds immediately. Cheated borrowers have waited too long already for their loan balances to be wiped and their refunds to be processed.

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