We all know what a Happy Hour is—but what’s an Unhappy Hour?


Borrowers across the country are hosting Unhappy Hours to have a few beers, talk about how they can fight the student debt crisis, and toast to action against student debt!  Host your own Unhappy Hour in your community today!

How to host your own Unhappy Hour:

  1. Find a bar, restaurant, or house to host your Unhappy Hour – some bars may even give your group a drink special, just ask!
  2. Post your Unhappy Hour on Facebook, and register it below .
  3. As people arrive, have them sign-in using this form.
  4. Make sure you have paper, a whiteboard or chalkboard on hand. As people arrive, have them write down how much student debt they have.
  5. Kick-off the event by tallying the total amount of debt in the room and post a picture of your Unhappy Hour’s debt using the hashtag #HigherEdNotDebt.
  6. Over drinks, have attendees write a Letter to the Editor about the need to end the student debt crisis and for student loan refinancing – here is a sample letter.  You can even submit your Letter to the Editor online using this tool . OR – You can share your personal student debt story at HigherEdNotDebt.org here.
  7. Before attendees leave, have them tweet at their Senators demanding  student loan refinancing – use this interactive Twitter Table to find your Senator and tweet with one click!
  8. Send your sign-up form, feedback, and any photos from the event to the Higher Ed Not Debt campaign at hello@higherednotdebt.org.

If you have any questions or need help organizing your unhappy hour, email us at hello@higherednotdebt.org.

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