Minnesota: Demand Justice for Your Neighbors


There’s a Minnesota college that falsified job placement rates and tricked students into thousands of dollars of debt, while leaving them without a usable degree—Everest College. Everest was just bought by ECMC Group, an entity that’s never run a school before and currently makes its money ensuring that students can’t declare bankruptcy on their student loans. We don’t think it’s fair that members of the Minnesota community, like the students of Everest College, can be subjected to whims of these deceptive programs with no recourse.

Come help deliver the petition and letter to ECMC CEO David Hawn this Wednesday at noon to demand justice for your neighbors who’ve been ripped off, so ECMC knows it can’t do the same thing.

Petition delivery—come stand in solidarity!

  • ECMC Group HQ
    1 Imation Place
    Oakdale, MN 55128
  • Wednesday, December 17
  • 12 noon CT

The sale isn’t just occurring in Minnesota. ECMC is buying 56 Corinthian schools around the country, without taking student needs into account. Already , California and Oregon legislators have ensured provisions for student protection exist, but we want the same for all soon-to-be-ECMC students. You can read the letters we’re sending to the seven state governors.

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