New TICAS Fact Sheets Explore Student Loan Repayment Struggles

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By: TICAS | April 30, 2018

About seven million undergraduates each year rely on federal loans to enroll in and complete college. While many students find that student loans are an excellent investment in their future and are able to successfully repay their loans, others struggle to make payments, or make payments that do not keep up with accruing interest. The worst-off borrowers are those who don’t make payments for at least 270 days, end up in default, and are left with much more to repay, wrecked credit, and limited employment and educational opportunities.

Two new TICAS fact sheets released today use different datasets and measures to look at where student loan repayment challenges are particularly severe…

Read the full post and read both fact sheets on The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS) website here.

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