Public Service Loan Forgiveness is Key for Millions of Borrowers

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By: | April 30, 2018

Created in 2007, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program allows for federal student loan forgiveness for teachers, nurses, firefighters, and other critical public and non-profit workers after ten years of on-time monthly payments. Now, the first wave of eligible borrowers is ready to receive forgiveness. Unfortunately, the PROSPER Act, recently proposed by House Republicans, would eliminate the program for future students altogether, despite recent investment from Congress that bolstered the program. Congress’s investment signals a clear understanding of the positive impact that the program could have on allowing young people to pursue careers in public service industries. Young Invincibles strongly opposes any cuts or arbitrary caps to PSLF on behalf of the millions of young people watching anxiously as proposals like the PROSPER Act threaten this vital pathway to financial security

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Allie Aguilera is the Policy and Government Affairs Manager at the Young Invincibles.

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