Scam: Websites Promising Jobs and Medicaid Are Instead Bait for For-Profit College Telemarketers

Huffington Post released a blog post earlier this month calling out websites as fronts for for-profit colleges to get the information of individuals and push them into for-profit programs.

“A network of U.S. marketing companies run glossy websites promising jobs, health benefits, food stamps, and heating assistance–sites with names like or But according to former employees of a company connected to these operations, the real purpose of these sites is a classic bait-and-switch: to get low-income people, single mothers, veterans, and unemployed older people on the telephone and push them into high-cost for-profit college programs.”

Scams like this crop up regularly and are after our society’s most vulnerable. Keep an eye out for sites that ask for too much information, including FAFSA PINs and social security information.

“The for-profit college companies that have obtained leads on prospective students from these questionable operations include many of the biggest industry players: the University of Phoenix, Education Management Corp., Corinthian Colleges, ITT Tech, Kaplan, Career Education Corp., Bridgepoint, and Stevens-Henager–all of which are currently under investigation by federal and/or state law enforcement for their own alleged internal fraudulent activities.”

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