Stop Social Security Garnishment for Student Loan Debt

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The U.S. federal government and the Department of Education must declare a moratorium on garnishing Social Security benefits to pay student loans. Americans used to be able to get a college degree without going into debt. But politicians dismantled that debt-free college system, and the burden is now so heavy that student loan debt follows people to their graves.

Today, over 700,000 people relying on Social Security are still paying their student loans. Over 160,000 Social Security beneficiaries have their monthly checks garnished to pay off federal student loans. Until 1996 it was against the law to garnish Social Security benefits to pay debts, but that protection was stripped for debts owed to the federal government.

But we can fix this.

It doesn’t even require an act of Congress. The Department of Education can declare a moratorium on garnishing Social Security benefits for student debt. We can make this happen—and bring relief to the many Social Security recipients still struggling to repay their student loans.

What you can do to help stop social security garnishment:

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