What Students Don’t Know About Their Loans

A blog post in today’s New York Times makes the case that it’s not, in fact, those with four-year degrees in thousands of dollars of debt that are the major issue when it comes to the student debt crisis. And while they’re definitely a part of it, the narrative often forgets that it’s those most vulnerable to one- and two-year for-profit programs that make up a large chunk of the crisis.

“The real problem are people who tend to have less debt — say, $10,000 or $20,000 — but who never graduate from college or who earn a degree or certificate with relatively little value.”


“They don’t realize that the medical-assistant certificate program in which they’re enrolling won’t do much to improve their job prospects. Or they don’t understand that the two- or four-year college that they have chosen has a dreadfully low graduation rate.”


Image credit: The New York Times

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