Take on Phoenix: #SuperDebtSunday


With the Super Bowl today, we thought we’d share some not-so-super facts about the University of Phoenix:

  • Each year, the number of dropouts from the University of Phoenix could fill more than five Super Bowl XLIX stadiums. These students are left with crippling student loan debt and no credentials to show for it.
  • Students who have defaulted on their loans after leaving the University of Phoenix between 2009 and 2011 could fill more than two Super Bowl XLIX stadiums.
  • With the money spent on naming rights to the Cardinals’ stadium and annual marketing and recruiting costs, the University of Phoenix could purchase all Super Bowl XLIX TV ad time and would still have $500 million to spare.
  • Each Super Bowl XLIX quarter, student debt for University of Phoenix graduates will increase by $540,000. $2.5 million in student debt will have amassed by the end of the game.*

What to do? Take them on by demanding that for-profit students get the education they deserve from University of Phoenix and other for-profit schools. Visit sellingoutstudents.org and sign the petition now.

And keep an eye on #SuperDebtSunday today on Twitter!

*Want more? Click here for more facts and sourcing.

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