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ITT Tech Protest 5

Images: Activists and ITT Tech students and faculty protest outside ITT Tech’s shareholder meeting in Rosslyn, VA. Read about the protest.

Here’s a handy place to find all the basic actions you can take surrounding ITT Tech.

  1. Read our three reasons why it’s time for ITT Tech to go.
  2. Or instead, watch John Oliver’s takedown of ITT Tech and the for-profit industry.
  3. Sign the petition on if you’re now as outraged as we are.
  4. ITT Tech students can check out this Facebook group (though it is unaffiliated with Higher Ed, Not Debt) to join other ITT students organizing for justice!
  5. With just a few clicks, send an email to ITT Tech CEO Kevin Modany demanding action.
  6. Let the government know you’ve been wronged!
  7. If you would like to make a bigger splash, be sure to share on Twitter too!


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