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DeVos Education Department Acts to Prevent States from Protecting Student Loan Borrowers: What Our Partners and Allies Think

13 March 2018

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos acted to stop states’ legal right to protect their residents from bad practices by student loan servicing companies. Consumer and students’ rights groups reacted strongly against this move to protect financial companies over student loan borrowers.

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A Radical Solution to the Student Debt Crisis

20 February 2018

A new research paper released by the Levy Institute analyzes the macroeconomic impact of cancelling all of the $1.4 trillion student debt that is currently outstanding in the United States.

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Annual Paperwork Should Not Stand in the Way of Affordable Student-Loan Payments

31 August 2016

Multiyear authorization could easily fix a common problem that makes it hard for student borrowers to keep their income-based payment plans.

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Update: Putting Student Debt Reform on the Map

30 August 2016

As state and local governments continue to put student debt reform on the map, we will too: this is a map of legislative action, sortable by issue area, taken on the state and local level in 2016. And as other states and localities follow their lead, we’ll continue to update the map.

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Robust Income-Driven Repayment Programs Can Help Borrowers Keep Payments Low

25 August 2016

Borrowers’ lives are busy enough; let’s afford students the benefit of not having to worry about seeing their bills unexpectedly skyrocket.

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