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Demand a Borrower’s Bill of Rights in Your State


11 August 2017

In the face of safeguard rollbacks at the federal level, states must step up to protect their student loan borrowers from servicers that act more like debt collectors than loan counselors. Fortunately, there is something state legislators can do: create a Borrower’s Bill of Rights.


Borrower’s Bill of Rights: States Step Up to Protect Student Loan Borrowers


10 August 2017

Given the lack of protections or oversight that are being exercised at the federal level by the DeVos Department of Education, now is the time for states to use this authority to protect consumers. States must work to develop proposals that will prevent student loan servicers from defrauding and abusing borrowers, and provide recourse when fraud and abuse occurs.


The House Budget Committee’s Plan to Slash Federal Student Financial Aid: A Tweetable Summary


8 August 2017

TICAS summarized Congress’s 2018 budget plan to cut student loans – and how this will negatively impact students, families, and the economy – on Twitter.


Eight Reasons Betsy DeVos Should Leave the Gainful Employment Rule Alone

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4 August 2017

Here are some highlights from those hearings and reasons why the GE rule should stay in place as is.


What’s Arbitration and Why Should Borrowers Be Worried?


26 July 2017

310 groups agree: @CFPB #RipoffClause rule restores borrower and consumer rights! So why does Congress want repeal? — Higher Ed, Not Debt (@HigherEdNotDebt) July 24, 2017… Read more


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