Free Student Loan Webinars on National Student Loan Debt Awareness Day

18 April 2018

Higher Ed, Not Debt has partnered with Student Debt Crisis to host a series of webinars on April 25, 2018 to help student loan borrowers understand what’s happening with policy affecting their financial well-being, and help them understand their repayment options.

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Why We’re Protesting Navient This Tax Day

16 April 2018

Adding insult to injury for borrowers, Navient stands to rake in $204 million in corporate tax savings from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act according to one estimate. The company is expected to pass on virtually all of their tax windfall to shareholders.

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The Cost of Catching Up

28 September 2016

The report and new initiative outline how remedial education contributes to the student debt crisis. We focus on the financial and educational costs of remedial education for… Read more

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A Time to #VoteHigher

14 September 2016

Enough is enough and this election season, we have to let legislators know we mean business. This week organizations and voters all over the country are kicking… Read more

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For-Profit Colleges Like Trump U Must Be Held Accountable

26 July 2016

For all of their promises of high-quality instruction, many for-profit students leave their programs dissatisfied and defrauded. Use our tools to tell your attorney general or governor that predatory for-profit colleges must be held accountable.

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