President-Elect Trump Has Some Ideas on Your Student Loans

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16 November 2016

Let’s face it—a lot of what he’s mentioned doesn’t sound great for current and future student loan borrowers.

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The Cost of Catching Up


28 September 2016

The report and new initiative outline how remedial education contributes to the student debt crisis. We focus on the financial and educational costs of remedial education for… Read more

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ITT Tech Is Closing: What Students Need to Know

ITT Building 5

6 September 2016

ITT exploited students and fleeced American taxpayers and its predatory practices have finally caught up to it. We are working with our partners to ask that the Department of Education hold ITT fully accountable for the way it’s mistreated students and get you the justice you deserve.

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Annual Paperwork Should Not Stand in the Way of Affordable Student-Loan Payments


31 August 2016

Multiyear authorization could easily fix a common problem that makes it hard for student borrowers to keep their income-based payment plans.

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Update: Putting Student Debt Reform on the Map

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30 August 2016

As state and local governments continue to put student debt reform on the map, we will too: this is a map of legislative action, sortable by issue area, taken on the state and local level in 2016. And as other states and localities follow their lead, we’ll continue to update the map.

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