Ask the NCAA Not to Support the University of Phoenix in 2017 March Madness

FinalFour NGP Email 1Bad news. The 2017 NCAA Final Four games are slated to be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Yes, the for-profit school that’s taken advantage of thousands of students and veterans, will receive free advertising and countless mentions throughout the course of the NCAA games.
The University of Phoenix spends more money on advertising than it does teaching, and pockets more profit per student than it invests in education. It has been subject to numerous investigations for its predatory business practices, has been recently put on probation by the Department of Defense for its aggressive recruitment of service members and veterans, and has been sued by shareholders and investigated by the SEC.
We must not allow the University of Phoenix to get away with any more. In just a few clicks, email the board to demand that the NCAA and the universities complicit in the deal reconsider their decision.

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