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Consumers Union Consumers Union is the policy and action division of Consumer Reports. We work with our million plus activists to pass consumer protection laws in states and in Congress. We hammer corporations that do wrong by their customers, and encourage companies that are heading in the right direction. Most of all, we listen to consumers. Join us! We will regularly ask about your experience in the marketplace — the marketplace for products, health care, financial services and much more. Have your credit card rates gone up? Did you buy a product that turned out to be on a recall list? Did your visit to a hospital result in a dangerous infection? When we get ready to work up new, consumer-friendly policies, the first thing we do is find out what’s going on out there directly from you. Then we put our experts on the case. We think about what a better system would look like, and who could make the key changes to get us all there. Then we launch a campaign for reform. Our campaigns have already helped reduce hospital infections, lower credit card rates and improve card services, expand access to health insurance, improve the security of your financial information and much more.
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