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Idaho Education Association The Idaho Education Association (IEA) is the state’s largest professional employee organization. There is a IEA member in virtually every school building across the state working together for the good of the students and for the profession. IEA is composed of Idaho elementary and secondary teachers, education support professionals, school administrators, retired educators, and students. IEA builds positive, professional relationships with policymakers, including the Superintendent of Public Instruction, State Board of Education, and state lawmakers. They work to ensure the highest standards are maintained for teacher certification. They provide quality professional development to assist members to work with local and state policymakers to develop and implement quality policies that will have a positive impact on students, educators, and the community. The IEA also assists local association members as they identify and support public education friendly school board and legislative candidates. They are committed to advocating for students and educators at the state, local and national level to ensure every student, regardless of zip code, has the best education possible.”
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