Higher Ed, Not Debt Partners Respond: President Biden Cancels Student Debt, Extends the Payment Pause, and Announces Additional Reforms

25 August 2022

On August 24, 2022, President Biden announced broad cancellation for federal student loan borrowers, in addition to an extension of the federal student loan payment pause through…

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Addressing Student Debt During COVID-19: What Our Partners and Allies Think

13 March 2020

The outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has not only impacted the national economy, but is now preventing families from being able to make ends meet.

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What Our Partners Think of the New Student Loan Borrower Defense Rule

28 October 2016

Today the Department of Education released its final regulations on protecting students and taxpayers from predatory institutions, and ensuring a process of loan forgiveness in cases of… Read more

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What We Have to Say About the CFPB’s Findings on Loan Servicing Failures

30 September 2015

According to the CFPB, consumers describe companies using a wide range of sloppy, patchwork practices that can create obstacles to repayment, raise costs, cause distress, and contribute to driving struggling borrowers to default.

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#ItsOurInterest Video Project

9 June 2014


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