Groups Launch Campaign Rejecting the Governor’s Budget Proposal and Calling for $5 Billion More to go to Education, Health & Human Services

It’s Raining Now- Press Conference
April 22, 2014 – 1pm PST
California State Capitol

On Tuesday, April 22nd at 1pm hundreds of umbrellas well open up on the steps of the Capitol as low income families, students, parents, teachers, and health & welfare advocates show up with a 2014/15 budget proposal of their own – one that calls for $5 billion more in funding going towards the urgent needs of California’s families and children.  Describing the urgent funding needs for schools, child care and certain other vital programs the group says it is “raining now”.  While not rejecting the Governor’s rainy day fund or debt repayment plans outright, the group wants to see the funding to them reduced, as well as the funding for prison expansion.  The group is also calling for an Oil Extraction Tax that would raise $2 billion.

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