What Would You Do If All Your Student Loans Were Forgiven?

By StudentDebtCrisis.org
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Student loan borrowers face the choice every day between paying off their loan and basic necessities. Forgiveness of the loans could be the key to freeing hardworking Americans from a lifetime of debt and re-igniting the flame that is the “American Dream.”

We asked our members one simple question, “What would you do if your student loans were forgiven?”

  1. Forgiving student loan debt would make health care an option for millions of borrowers who literally cannot afford a doctor’s visit…
    Dr House Lold animated GIF
    Shelley O: “Gee let’s see. I could afford health care, dental work I need done, groceries, fix my vehicle, or even *gasp* buy a new car. Just in case anyone thinks forgiving our loans is a handout, just remember that many of us have given back to our communities.”

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