Making the Grade?


The Maryland Consumer Rights Coalition has just released a report on for-profit and career schools in the state. Read more from their site:

“Hoping to improve their lives and increase the economic security of their families, tens of thousands of low-income men and women return to college, vocational training, or other higher learning as nontraditional students. Many of these adult learners flock to for-profit schools on the basis of flexible scheduling and online learning opportunities.

“Unfortunately, these schools have become a true menace and predatory force in the education arena. Since for-profit schools receive most of their revenue from federal and state funds, government scrutiny of the industry has recently increased. There have been a number of investigations as well as state and federal lawsuits against for-profit schools based on unfair and deceptive marketing, misrepresentations, and more. 

“Students in Maryland are taking greater financial risks in attending for-profit schools without accruing any additional benefits. The state is obligated to protect Maryland consumers and in this case, it should ensure that the cost of programs at for-profit schools is transparent and that ineffective schools are not allowed to continue operating in the state. 

“Do you have personal experience with for-profit school issues? Expertise? Find out about all the bills we’re working on, as well as other ways you can get directly involved in advancing consumer rights and economic justice in Maryland.”

And read their full report here.

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