New York Students Rising Teach-in

New York Students Rising Teach-in
SUNY New Paltz Campus, NY -Old Main Quad
May 1st, 2014

We invite students, faculty, staff, and community members from all walks of life to participate in this Free University. Together we can envision a future where education is available and affordable for all.

Free University! will be taking place on May Day (May 1) in the Old Main Quad!

Professors and students will be holding a series of teach-ins on this day about a number of topics to be announced at a later date. Stay tuned for the class schedule!

Why Free University!?

-To bring awareness to the unaffordable rising cost in tuition
-Our public universities are beginning to replicate the social, and economic hierarchies and inequalities which remain ever so present in the United States. Public institutions of higher education should not be perpetuating inequality, but should be eradicating it. For example, decrease in enrollment of students of color on college campuses nationwide is an unacceptable crisis- which is a problem being challenged even at SUNY New Paltz.
-To show what a Free University could look like!

Education is a right and should be free for all. In a society where education is highly valued and required in the job market, everyone should have an equal opportunity to educate themselves. With the cost of tuition rising each year, and the state paying for less and less of public education, students and their families can no longer carry the financial burden on their backs.Thanks to Governor Cuomo’s rational tuition increase plan within SUNY2020, SUNY and CUNY tuition is raised 300 dollars every year. These tuition increases phase out students who can no longer afford the tab.

Student Loan debt in the United States has surpassed the 1 trillion dollar mark. Students are in a state of crisis, with the burden of student debt limiting their opportunities upon graduation, and following them for the rest of their lives.

SUNY no longer exists to educate, but for economic development. The result of this is that the priorities of SUNY have shifted to a business model- students become a number to extract money from, while campuses become a feeding ground for big businesses to profit from (tax free!). Higher Education should be FREE!

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