Why Is Colbert Taking Money From a Corporation That’s Ripped off Thousands of Students?


We were watching an episode of Stephen Colbert’s new late-night TV show, when we noticed something shocking: the University of Phoenix is sponsoring it. Could Colbert really be endorsing a for-profit school? Is he standing with the very program he eviscerates for recruiting the homeless in a 2010 episode of the Colbert Report (see below)?

Is he accepting money from the university putting more students into crippling student debt than any other school in the world?

We thought better of you, Stephen. We thought you were a source we could trust for truth, not truthiness.

Join us in asking Stephen Colbert to come back to the light and tell the world what students can really expect from the University of Phoenix:

  • University of Phoenix students hold $5 billion in student loan debt—more than any other college
  • Only 16% of students graduate from Phoenix programs.
  • University of Phoenix tuition is typically 300-500% more than community college, while providing a well below average education.

Sign the petition asking Colbert to reject the University of Phoenix as a sponsor and tell the world the truth about the way it treats students.

See what Colbert used to say about the University of Phoenix below. Let’s bring back the 2010 version of Stephen Colbert!

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